Chapter Officers

officer Tina Barsoumian

Tina Barsoumian

Director of Ritual

officer Kristy Pan

Kristy Pan

Director of Sisterhood

officer Nina Taurich

Nina Taurich

Director of Academic Enrichment

officer Carlisle Ferguson

Carlisle Ferguson

Director of Membership

officer Bella Speer

Bella Speer

Assistant Director of Recruitment

officer Gill Cohen

Gill Cohen

Director of Communications

officer Caitlin Kyaw

Caitlin Kyaw

Director of Senior Experience

officer Katie Sincaglia

Katie Sincaglia

Director of Sophomore Experience

officer Renee Dorer

Renee Dorer

Director of New Member Programs

officer Alexis Varada

Alexis Varada

Director of New Member Engagement

officer Chloe Do

Chloe Do

Director of Special Events

officer Veronika Karshina

Veronika Karshina

Director of Merchandising

officer Brittany Henriques

Brittany Henriques

Director of Social Media

officer Kayla Fabry

Kayla Fabry

Director of Activities

officer Allison Smuk

Allison Smuk

Director of Leadership

officer MaryLou Ross

MaryLou Ross

Director of Community Service

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