Alpha Delta Gamma

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Executive Officers

officer Holly Nguyen

Holly Nguyen


Hi, my name is Holly and I'm a senior majoring in Computer Science. I've always loved school and I hope to get a job in software engineering after graduation. I am a big fan of puppies, coffee and warm weather (because I'm from California). In my free time I enjoy doing CrossFit and hanging out with friends and family! Since joining Alpha Gam I've been empowered by sisters to take on leadership, live with purpose, and be a genuine friend. I never thought I would go Greek but it's honestly the best decision I've made in college. My sisters constantly support me, make me laugh and push me to be the best version of myself!

officer Josie Leigang

Josie Leigang

Vice President Scholarship

Hi, I'm Josie and I'm a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with minors in RBE and English. I love all things cats, books, tea and knitting. So I basically have the soul of a grandmother. I never thought I'd go greek but I'm so glad I did! Since joining Alpha Gam, I've grown so much as a confident leader and have gained life-long friends who inspire me every day!

officer Rachel Rivera

Rachel Rivera

Vice President Member Development

Hi guys! My name is Rachel Rivera and I’m a senior studying Chemical Engineering. I’ve always wanted to do something in chemistry or in the pharmaceutical field, so hopefully I can do something related to that after graduation! In the meantime, I enjoy playing rugby, spending time with friends, reading and watching videos on the internet. At WPI, I’m on the Women’s Club Rugby Team, I work SNAP and I am a member of AiChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers). Alpha Gam has helped me grow tremendously as a leader and as an individual. Being involved has given me so many opportunities that I would never have gotten otherwise. It has also allowed me to meet so many amazing women, many of whom I call my best friends!

officer Cait Peterson

Cait Peterson

Vice President Finance

Hi! My name is Cait and I'm a junior with a major in Architectural Engineering. I love going to college and bettering my education. I am a little bit of a daring person which explains the fact that I do Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do and MMA Kickboxing mainly) and Rugby. But one of my favorite things to do is Community Service. Recently i joined Alpha Gamma Delta and I am so glad I did. If you asked me in high school if I was going to go Greek I would have told you no, but since joining I have realized that Alpha Gam is the place for me. Being in a sorority is like have an army at your back. If you fall, there are hundreds of girls ready to pick you right up.

officer Becca Finacom

Becca Finacom

Property Coordinator

Hello! I am Becca Finacom and I am a senior studying Architectural Engineering. When I am not having fun with my Alpha Gam sisters, you can usually find me ballroom dancing, walking around campus and parks, doing homework, watching Netflix, singing Disney or Green Day songs, or eating tomatoes. I never thought that I would ever join a sorority, and I am so glad I joined Alpha Gam because of the friendships I have made, the sisters I can count on and who can count on me, how much I have grown as a person, and how much I am able to help and see my sisters grow.

officer EJ Jones

EJ Jones

Vice President Campus Relations

Hello, my name is EJ. I am a junior studying Management Engineering. I am also an executive in SocComm as a co-chair in Annual Events. One of the reasons I joined Alpha Gam was because everyone was super welcoming. I immediately found people that I could rely on and were genuinely themselves. I found sisters that love me for who I am and I'm going to treasure these friendships for eternity.

officer Sophia Glagovich

Sophia Glagovich

Vice President Recruitment

Hi there, I’m Sophia Glagovich and I’m a junior majoring in Bioinformatics. I am passionate about most school subjects, so I chose a major that encompasses three subjects I love: biology, computer science, and math. I love reading, cats and singing, and I am a proud bio nerd. Outside of Alpha Gam, I work in an academic office on campus, and I sing in the campus choir. Nothing makes me happier than a good choir rehearsal!